AllOhioSports (AOS) is dedicated to funneling down the vast array of sports topics to those that are most pertinent to Ohioans.  Since Ohio is a powerhouse for sports and it is our past time and heritage, it deserves its own angle and platform for sports.

Featuring weekly podcasts and blogs on topics ranging from Ohio High School Sports to the Pros, AOS delivers only relevant sports news and analysis so you don’t have to search through site after site to find what you want to know about your teams and schools.

We try to keep things light but occasionally will handle (respectfully) the more important topics that intersect with sports.  While a fair amount of the podcasts are one man rants, there will be interviews with notable sports figures from and working/playing in Ohio.

This is really just our passion and a way for us to release the dam of hot sports takes that constantly bombard our brains.

If you have suggestions for articles/topics, would like to contribute stories or story ideas or how to improve the site you can contact us at