We discuss the Bengals draft needs and what would be the best approach to add value. Starting with the mistakes and successes from last year's draft and a way to make an impact in this year's draft we work our way through the various positional needs and what players need to go and what players the Bengals should take. This is the first episode in our NFL draft series which will cover potential picks from Ohio and Ohio universities and Ohio's two NFL teams. Up next in this series will focus on the combine.

Cincinnati Bengals

When bad teams come to mind the Browns top the charts.  While the franchise itself has an overall winning record and 8 NFL championships, the past 18 seasons since returning to Cleveland in 1999 have been less than desirable. Actually, they have been abysmal.  The team has just had 2 winning seasons since then and […]

Cleveland Browns

Hockey satiates that desire with its high-speed, heart-wrenching and physical action action that rivals basketball in it's speed of play and football in its physical nature. What many may not know is that Ohio provides some of the best hockey available to viewers with a bevy of options.


The Ohio State Men's Basketball program last year lacked any identity and was unsure of its coach's future with the team.  Thad Matta had been the coach of the Buckeyes for 13 years and this season would have been his 14th season. After failing to make the NCAA tournament for the second time in a row a change needed to come.  That change came in the form of Chris Holtmann.